"Just the Tip - Vol. 1" Full Book Digital Download (PDF)

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Brought to you by Dan Pearce, Author of the hit blog and Facebook page Single Dad Laughing. This irreverent and profound coloring book is like no adult coloring book you've seen yet!

Want to be a badass and print all 26 of the "Just the Tip" coloring pages yourself? Get access to the full book and print each page as many times as you like (so long as you only do so for your own personal use)!

You can botch the hell out of your first attempt at coloring, or your twentieth attempt, and you don't have to stress about it when you do. Just toss the old and start a new. Kind of like we do with today's relationships and 92% of all produce we buy.

You can view all the pages included in the book (and read the ridiculous poetry written for each page) on the Individual Coloring Pages.... That can be done right here. You can purchase individual pages, as well. If that's your thing.

And, yeah. You noticed. The standard digital download is the same price as the book. You better believe it. Do I really need to compare apples to oranges? Nah. You're smart enough to figure out why you get a different kind of value with this.

Important: If you purchase this "PDF version" of this product, you'll get a single PDF file, formatted to 8.5" x 11" dimensions. If you'd rather purchase the full-resolution image files to print at any size you like (again, only for your own personal coloring use), be sure to choose the "High Resolution Images Zip File" version instead. There are no refunds here, so don't botch it up. Mmmmkay?

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