Just the Tip Vol. 1 - Full Book (Physical Copy) + PDF Download (For Printing)

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NOTE: This option is for those who wish to purchase the coloring book AND a digital copy (downloadable PDF)  in case you conjure up some deep desire to print any of the coloring pages separately.


Your long wait for "Just the Tip Vol. 1" is officially over, and was well-worth it!

Brought to you by Dan Pearce, Author of the hit blog and Facebook page Single Dad Laughing.

Wait. That's me. Why am I talking in the third person? I don't know, but I do know that this irreverent and profoundly themed coloring book is like no adult coloring book you've seen yet!

25 pages, 8.5" x 11"

From the back cover: "Finally! All of us grown-ass adults who love coloring can do so with new purpose! We can do it with meaning! We can put our hands to paper bringing to life overly inappropriate pictures that are smarter than smart. “Just the Tip Vol. 1” brings art, satire, and adult-only topics together for the coloring threesome of the decade. Laugh. Think. Agree. Disagree. It’s all good. Just enjoy the hell out of this new coloring experience while you do."

More info:

These coloring pages aren't filled with more of the same ol' boring animals, cutesy designs, or curse words with no purpose but to curse. I just couldn't bring myself to make more of what's already out there. These satirical works of art are each mixed with fantastic poetry that will make you laugh and think and appreciate the all the craziness of life.

The coloring book book includes 15 of my completely original "Just the Tip" works of art, as well as several other ridiculously awesome pages you can color, along with intelligent and humorous activities to complete. See if you can solve the "Words that Look Perverted but are Totally Innocent" word search. See if you have the mental grit required to complete the "Just the Tip" crossword puzzle. And see if you can pass the "Connect the Shapes IQ Test."


If you'd rather purchase a coloring book without the digital copy, do that here:

"Just the Tip Vol. 1" Coloring Book

You can view all the pages included in the book (and read the ridiculous poetry written for each page) on the Individual Coloring Pages.... That can be done right here. You can purchase individual pages, as well. If that's your thing.


If you'd rather download the digital version only of this coloring book and print it yourself, do that here:

PDF Coloring Book (full book, single PDF file)
Zip File of All Coloring Pages (full book, individual JPG files)